Business Analyst / Consultant

We are a rapidly growing transformation boutique based on Collective Intelligence principles, specialising in providing cutting-edge Strategy, Innovation, Design, Technology & Training solutions to businesses of all sizes worldwide.

Our team is made up of passionate and dedicated professionals who are committed to creating innovative products that transform the way businesses operate.

Our core and extended team experience comes from working with Big4 Business and Tech Giants. We have travelled over 30+ geographies and have been involved in projects ranging from a niche strategy 4-week engagement to a few year-long transformation programmes.

We have dabbed hands in all parts of what is called digital transformation. We know these buzzwords and what goes behind them in the deepest of its sense.

CRM, eCommerce, Web/App Dev, Digital Operating Model, Strategic Business Model Innovation, Transformation Roadmap, Strategic evaluation matrix, Innovation labs, Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning, Data-driven decision-making, Internet of things, Augmented Reality, Virtual reality, Mixed Reality, Process management, Cloud Computing, Automation & Robotics,  Blockchain, cybersecurity, customer centricity, design thinking, workforce productivity, Automation and more…

The only word possibly we have not yet understood in depth is “Quantum Computing” – But we are changing that since one day, we want to build this capability too 🙂

As a Business Analyst / Consultant, what would you do:

  1. Strategy consulting: Working with clients to help them define their strategy or help validate existing strategy and bring it to life to execute or challenge it.
  2. Innovation: Working on innovation projects to find and develop solutions for known and unknown problems. PoCs, Hackathons, Innovation Labs, Emerging tech – all addressing either a business and IT problem or helping to create a new product or a service
  3. Capabilities: Help design and deliver some of the capabilities from our “What we do” section across all the areas

Key Skills Required:

  1. Minimum 3 years experience in Business Analyst or Consultant role in top-tier companies (challenge us if not:)
  2. Excellent communication skills, including “listening” abilities to client’s needs
  3. Some experience with consulting frameworks from previous jobs
  4. Ability to learn on the job if stuck or given a difficult challenge
  5. Being yourself. Understanding that failure is ok – as long as you give your work the best shot. We will support you.